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Paediatric Infectious Diseases Clinic (PIDC)

Paediatric Infectious Diseases Clinic (PIDC)

The PIDC at Botswana-Baylor provides HIV testing, treatment, care, and support services to children, adolescents, and their families. Our current patient load is roughly 2,490 active patients, most of whom receive follow-up care every three months as recommended.

• Adolescents’ and young adult’s poor adherence to their medications due to multiple challenges, including mental health disorders, poor family support, and stressful relationships. Botswana-Baylor provided resources and enhanced interventions to promote long-term adherence in this population.
• Growing numbers of adolescents and young adults with mental health disorders, including depressive disorders, anxiety disorders as well as psychiatric symptoms. Botswana-Baylor dedicated personnel and other resources to enhance the screening and management of mental health disorders in this population.
• Many young adult patients were neither in school nor working, leading to financial challenges and inability to meet transportation costs to the clinic for medical appointments, resulting in occasional gaps in medication adherence. Botswana-Baylor provided transport support to extreme cases.
• Parenting challenges among adolescents and young adults - many of the young mothers were unemployed and they experienced challenges in fulfilling motherhood responsibilities. Botswana-Baylor acquired additional resources for interventions to support young parents and their children, such as support groups and skills training for young mothers through Finding the Leader Within Program.
• Some adolescents and young adult patients despite multiple follow-ups refuse to return to care. Such cases are at high risk of mortality as they remain out of care for prolonged periods and tend to return to care when they are very sick. Multiple home visits by social workers, nurses, and community health workers were needed to track and engage those patients.


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