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Paediatric Infectious Diseases Clinic (PIDC)

Paediatric Infectious Diseases Clinic (PIDC)

The PIDC at Botswana-Baylor provides quality HIV testing, treatment, care, and support services to children, adolescents, and their families. Our current patient load is roughly the same as the previous report year, with 2,381 active patients, most of whom receive follow-up care every three months as recommended. The clinic sees 100 to 120 patients per day. The COE also addresses the needs of caregivers with complex social situations through the Family Model Clinic (FMC). The FMC operates within the COE and serves the primary care needs of many of the HIV-infected adult caregivers of children and adolescents enrolled in treatment at Botswana-Baylor. The FMC also cares for a group of young adult patients who have transitioned from the PIDC. The FMC is staffed by an adult physician or med officers on a rotational basis with a typical case load of 15 adult patients daily. Even with an increasing adolescent and young adult population, clinical care outcomes continue to be exemplary. The lost to follow up, viral load suppression and mortality rates are unsurpassed in Botswana at less than 1%, 87%, and less than 2%, respectively.

Our TB/HIV integration plan continues to develop cost-effective ways of dealing with TB/HIV over time. Screening rates for TB have improved. We continue to add more services aimed at keeping our adolescent population healthy, with a focus on minimizing long-term treatment toxicities and monitoring for non-communicable diseases.


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