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Building the Children’s Cancer Centre of Excellence in Botswana

Global HOPE has begun designing a state-of-the-art paediatric cancer and haematology centre for Botswana. In the interim, Global HOPE will build a temporary clinic using shipping containers, prefabricated modular parts, and limited on-site construction techniques. This approach will provide a standardised “kit of parts” that can be adapted easily to each site (Botswana, Malawi, Uganda). Global Hope will deploy 4 pediatricians with oncology clinical expertise to manage the program and provide services.

Enhancing Pediatric Hematology --Saving Grace

Grace Abraham, a Botswana native, was part of an exchange programme at the University of Nebraska when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of malignant bone cancer, in early 2015. Since treatment in Omaha was not feasible, the United States Department of State contacted Dr. Slone to see if he could provide the complex care she needed in Botswana.

Grace faced many challenges throughout her treatment, including the difficulty of undergoing chemotherapy. But Dr. Slone accompanied her through the journey. She even became a Motswana pioneer as the first paediatric osteosarcoma patient treated by Global HOPE who had a limb-salvage surgery (her tumor was removed but her leg was spared). Grace is now two years out from finishing her treatment. She is doing quite well but remains at risk of recurrence and undergoes routine testing to make sure the cancer is not coming back. She has become a paediatric cancer advocate in Botswana, speaking to children with cancer and parents, urging them to fight the disease despite the challenges.


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